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Made in Ireland

Handmade Cosmetics for You

All our goods are crafed from scratch using premium ingredients and our own recipes. Also we make each and every product freshly in small batches. This is the way we ensure that every single beard oil and soap is crafted with as much care and love as we can give. Since this is our passion and we think you deserve simply the best.

Beard Oils

Our collection of handcrafted, vegan and all-natural beard oils are made with a blend of four precious base oils an 100% pure essential oils. Check all the 8 scents and find the perfect one for you!

Handmade Soaps

With their lovely designs, our handcrafted cold process soaps are real eye candies. They are made of premium quality oils and 100% pure essential oils which all have various beneficial properties.

Whipped Beard Butters

Our new beard care products are coming soon!