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Monkey Business

Give yourself a kickstart in the morning and dive into the sweet, fruity and intensely citrusy smell of our Monkey Business handmade soap! The uplifting and refreshing blend of may chang, lime and bergamot makes our soap perfect for a quick shower to start your day with. To create the perfect scents for your mood, …

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Tipsy Toucan

Who doesn’t love a nice creamy pint of the Black Stuff? We certainly do. So we decided to take the most famous Irish stout, and create our handmade stout beer soap out of it! Meet – Tipsy Toucan! The fir needle and frankincense essential oils we added to this handmade soap are in perfect harmony …

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Wee Winter Wren

Say hello to our wonderful festive soap, the Wee Winter Wren! Each batch of our Christmas Soap is made with a nice cup of apple juice staight from a local apple farm in co. Wexford and also 100% pure essential oils such as cinnamon leaf, bergamot and pink grapefruit for the ultimate Christmas feeling. A …

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Flash the Peacock!

The sweet and yet woodsy aroma of our Flash the Peacock! handmade soap has a special place in our hearts. It is strong and delicate at the same time making it appealing to both lads and lasses. And last but not least: look at those colours… The Flash the Peacock! can certainly live up to …

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We all need a bit of delicacy and tenderness sometimes – and this is exactly what these cuties can offer! With the extra-girly scent of rose geranium and other sensual essential oils the FlaminGlow means true fondness for your body and soul! To create the perfect scents for your mood, we would never use lab-made …

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Fierce Lioness

Strong, heavy, sensual, floral. These are the characteristics of our Fierce Lioness. Our handmade soap is here to help you and your skin to get prepared for a girly night-out or a romantic dinner date. At the same time it can be the perfect choice to a well-deserved, relaxing bath with flickering candle light, bubbles, …

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Hair of the Dog

Made of our favourite Irish craft lager beer and pure essential oils, the  smokey-sweet scent of our Hair of the Dog soap resembles to a summer night sesh sitting around the campfire with all the old friends. Make yourself and your loved ones hoppy with this lovely beer soap, and do not forget to wash …

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Hmmmm… Who could resist the sweetness of honey and milk – especially when it is spiced up with a bit of clove leaf, sweet orange and cocoa? We certainly can’t. This is why we created our HumbleBee soap with milk & Irish honey. This little buzzy soap is extremely dangerous: it can cause severe longing …

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