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Bear Hug Whipped Beard Butter

Are you a lover of the great outdoors, and miss the scent of the forest? Then our Bear Hug Whipped Beard Butter is here for you. The earthy mixture of spikenard, fir needle and juniper berry with a hint of myrrh makes you feel like you are wandering in an ancient forest just after spring …

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Fox on Ice Whipped Beard Butter

Let the Fox on Ice guide you on a journey to the Kingdom of Ice! The mixture of peppermint, cypress and tea tree essential oils – blended in premium carrier oils – will give you the nice feeling of a refreshing breeze on your mighty beard even on a hot summer day. The mixture of  …

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Funky Monkey Whipped Beard Butter

Do you love citrusy and sweet scents? Then check this out! Our Funky Monkey Beard Oil made with sweet orange, cypress, fir needle and cedarwood escort you to a warm and sunny place. Call forth your inner monkey with this playful, sweet scent and let’s get crazy! The mixture of  9 premium quality carrier oils …

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Night Howler Whipped Beard Butter

The Night Howler has a sensual and manly scent especially for hunting down your prey.  As a result of the balanced combination of cedarwood, frankincense essential oils with a hint of patchouli, no one will be able to resist your charm, you sexy beast! The mixture of  9 premium quality carrier oils and butters  such …

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Stag Night Whipped Beard Butter

The mixture of clary sage, spearmint, vetiver and patchouli pure essential oils is what makes Stag Night special. The spicy scent of clary sage resembles to freshly made earl gray tea but thanks to the vetiver and patchouli oils it’s not only refreshing but sensual as well -just what you need on a proper night-out! …

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Hear Me Roar Whipped Beard Butter

Do you like to be in charge? Show your power to the world with Hear Me Roar! With the dominance of spicy clove leaf and sensual black pepper, this beard oil has a strong character. The exotic aroma of cedarwood and juniper berry gives this scent a nice GRRRRR feeling too. The mixture of  9 …

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Handsome Hare Whipped Beard Butter

Are you a real gentleman? Then Handsome Hare is just for you! The sophisticated combination of bergamot, lavender and cedarwood is the true trademark of the Handsome Hare. Impress your crush or partner with this lovely aroma and be the irresistible man you always wanted to be! The mixture of  9 premium quality carrier oils …

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The Lemur King Whipped Beard Butter

Here comes his Majestic Highness, The Lemur King! The fusion of may chang, cypress and bergamot essential oils will make you feel like you are the King of the Jungle! But still the crowning glory of this citrus-like scent is vanilla which is a known aphrodisiac -not that you would need something like that. The …

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Naked Skunk Whipped Beard Butter

Do you want your beard to be soft, healthy and manageable but you’re not a huge fan of scents? Are you easily irritated by essential oils? The Naked Skunk is your choice then! It will hydrate and nourish your beard without hiding your already perfect manly musk. The mixture of  9 premium quality carrier oils …

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Two Birds with One Stone

Cannot decide between oil and butter? Try both! In our “Two Birds with One Stone” Beard Care Packs you can have your favourite scented beard oil and whipped beard butter at once at a great price. The packs contain 1×30 ml bottle of  beard oil, and 1x100ml whipped beard butter. Order your favourite scent today, …

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